More Abominable?

I have a soft spot for Ryan Schifrin's old-school monster movie ABOMINABLE, a rare low-budget gem that's more competent and fun than a Bigfoot movie deserves to be, with some gory practical effects and a sweet score (courtesy of Ryan's pop, legendary composer Lalo Schifrin).

Are there more Bigfeet tromping our way? That seems to be the case -- Schifrin tells CHUD that veteran comic writer and G.I. JOE consultant Larry Hama is working on the script for the sequel. Hama currently co-writes Schifrin's comic SPOOKS, about a secret team of monster-hunters. No further details were given about ABOMINABLE 2, but considering Hama's expertise with writing paramilitary units, one can envision a soldiers vs. Sasquatches scenario.

The original REAR WINDOW-esque cheapie stars Matt McCoy (THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE) as a paralyzed man living in a secluded cabin. Jeffrey Combs (every B-horror movie), Dee Wallace-Stone (almost every other B-horror movie), Lance Henriksen (the rest of them), Paul Gleason (DIE HARD's Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson), some nubile college students and one huge, pissed-off and extremely hairy beast of myth also make appearances.

UPDATE: Jeffrey Combs will be returning for the sequel (with a few scars), and will be a main character. There are a few more details at his official website, including confirmation that the follow-up will contain a "military component" in the vein of PREDATOR or ALIENS. Sweet. Thanks to 'Blogstress' for the tip!
Extra Tidbit: ABOMINABLE contains the best face-biting scene in recent history.
Source: CHUD



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