More abomination?

The last time we saw Abomination he got his pale green ass kicked by Edward Norton's Hulk. Well, Roth has first hand knowledge that Blonksy isn't down for the count.

So how are they incorporating Abomination? "They have, but in a very different way. I don't want to get into it, but they signed me up for three [films]," Roth spoke on his Hulk hating nemesis during a press tour for his show LIE TO ME.

Are they doing another Hulk movie with Norton? Was the movie that well received? A lot of people didn't seem that into it, I thought it was a great movie. Maybe they'll tie The Leader and Abomination in a new Hulk movie, since they were actually partners in the Marvel universe at one point. That's basically what we were left off with, the eventual turning of Dr. Samuel Sterns into his super intelligent alter ego.

Or does this tie into the Avengers movies? Will we get the rightly made movie we've so been waiting for? Will abomination pop up to fight Thor? The suspense is killing me. Roth wasn't very helpful in the matter, "It could be anything."

Thanks buddy.

Extra Tidbit: I read "Planet Hulk". I am wondering if the cartoon movie will have everything that made it so awesome. Check out the trailer if you're curious.
Source: Sci Fi Wire



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