More Bond girl rumors

At the risk of sounding like a completely irrelevant toolbag, I have no idea who Amy Winehouse is. I'm aware that she appears to be a singer of some sort, is popular in the UK and has big bosoms. Beyond that, I'm lost. And I'm happy that way. But now I'm being forced to care as the British tabloids are reporting (read: completely making up) that Winehouse is set to star in the upcoming 22nd James Bond movie. Sez their crack sources: "Producer Barbara Broccoli has offered Winehouse a part in the CASINO ROYALE sequel after falling in love with the Rehab star's hit album." She's certainly not cut from the same mold as Eva Green but hey, to each his own. Of course until BOND 22 starts casting, expect new rumors to come out of London every week, each more bizarre than the next. "Rue McClanahan signs for next Bond film!" "Dora the Explorer is the new Bond girl!!" So now that we have this Winehouse-as-Bond-girl rumor, I put forth a challenge to the JoBlo readers: come up with your best Bond girl name for Winehouse.



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