More Cloverfield?...

I've held off posting on this site for quite some time because I was never able to confirm it was actually attached to a movie. Before we get started talking about it, the site is ethanhaaswasright.com. I was initially given a heads up on the site about two weeks ago. Originally it looked as if it were promoting an upcoming video game though there were some early rumors it was attached to JJ Abrams CLOVERFIELD/1-08-08 project. In the meanwhile, Dave Davis and I continued to work on cracking the codes hoping that at the end it would provide some insight as to what it was all about. [Game spoilers ahead...] Well sadly it doesn't. You finish the fifth puzzle (if you need a hint, drop me an e-mail) and get another video by the mystery man blabbing about August 1st. That's when we get the real information. You then get to enter in your e-mail address at which point they'll send you the real scoop (apparently). The only word that seemed worth Googling was "Divinus," which appeared on the screen at the end (sadly nothing worthwhile seems to come up). Anyway, it would seem that this is confirmed as being attached to CLOVERFIELD as Paramount has asked that in-game videos be removed from YouTube. What does this all mean? I quote Pee-Wee Herman when I say, I. Don't. Know!

Extra Tidbit: Don't try asking anyone at Paramount or Bad Robot anything about CLOVERFIELD cause they're not talking.
Source: JoBlo.com



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