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Of course, you know about the movie because you keep visiting our UPCOMING MOVIES section every day and you're interested in films like this (hehehe), but in case you haven't (hint, hint), click here to visit the CQ upcoming movie page that we've got up on this site, and learn more about the directorial debut of Francis Ford Coppola's son aka Sofia Coppola's brother aka the nephew to Talia Shire aka the cousin to Jason Schwartzman and Nicolas Cage, aka Roman Coppola.

The movie? Well, it's called CQ, and below, you will find its poster. The film has an eclectic cast including Jeremy Davies, Gerard Depardieu, Jason Schwartzman, Angela Lindvall, Billy Zane, Giancarlo Giannini and more. What's it about?

Here's the plot outline: "Paris, 1969: The filming of a sci-fi movie set in the distant year 2000 is in trouble. The director's obsession with the actress who plays sexy secret agent Dragonfly (Angela Lindvall) has clouded his judgment, and the film has no ending. A young American (Jeremy Davies) in Paris to document his life on film "with total honesty" is brought in to finish the movie. This proves to be difficult when the line between his fantasy life and reality becomes blurred, and he, too, finds himself seduced by the charms of Dragonfly." Sounds funky!

Click here to see the teaser website

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