More "Daredevil" casting talk

In my humble opinion, DAREDEVIL has gotten itself a pretty damn good cast going so far. While I would've preferred Guy Pearce over Ben Affleck, I'm beginning to warm up to the idea of O'Bannion as Matt Murdock. The recently announced Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan as Elektra and The Kingpin are damn fine casting choices if you ask me. And, AND...whoever was the genius that got Colin Farrell to sign as Bullseye, kudos to you my friend. Perfect, perfect casting. I cannot wait to see what Farrell does with this role. He's been playing the good guy so much I can't wait to see him sink his teeth into this decidedly evil role. Should be very sweet.

With the four principal players cast, there leaves just one major character to place - Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock's partner in law. We've already heard that new Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lang will be auditioning, but Harry Knowles revealed a new list of candidates that have also talked with producers. According to AICN, Sean Astin, Oliver Platt and Horatio Sanz (SNL) are all candidates to play Foggy. First off, if Sanz and Lang both seem like outside choices if you ask me. They might be auditioning but I'd think they're not serious candidates. Oliver Platt probably would've been the best for Foggy had the movie been filmed about 15 years ago. He's just too old for the part now. Sean Astin's a good choice I guess. Doesn't really remind me of the comic-book character and I'm not sure if he's got the chops to be the comic relief for the film but out of these four choices I'd say he's the frontrunner. I'm guessing the search will continue for at least another week or two until the producers find someone who's just right.

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