More DC movies coming

Though THE DARK KNIGHT is scheduled to hit theaters in one week and break all kinds of records and shatter all kinds of expectations, beyond that the future is pretty bleak for DC Comics at the movies. While Marvel Studios has something like six movies in active development, DC Comics doesn't have anything in the pipeline (aside from WATCHMEN but that's not a superhero franchise). Not content to sit on their laurels, Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. and DC are planning a major pow-wow to plan the next five years of superhero movies. Oh, to be a fly on that wall when they discuss what to do with the next SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, FLASH, WONDER WOMAN, etc. This is not the first time Warner Bros. has tried to jumpstart their comic-to-film division. In 2003 the studio began searching for their own Avi Arad, who was having a wealth of success running the Marvel properties. The most immediate properties at Warner Bros. are a SUPERMAN sequel, SUPERMAX (Green Arrow and other B-level characters), JUSTICE LEAGUE and GREEN LANTERN, the latter three of which, the studio has scripts for and seems to like. But why have WONDER WOMAN and FLASH taken so long to get to the big screen. Hopefully this will begin to change before people get tired of comic book movies...

Extra Tidbit: While I wouldn't want to see Robin in a BATMAN movie, how about a standalone Robin?
Source: Variety



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