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More Expendables?


Despite the disposable implication of the title, perhaps some of Sylvester Stallone's high-profile crew of THE EXPENDABLES won't be taking the loss for the greater good (or paycheck) on their big-screen mission.

At 63 years old, could Sly have a brand new recurring character? Producer Avi Lerner would like to think so, as he tells NOLA.com from the New Orleans set: "We already have got some ideas about EXPENDABLES No. 2, No. 3. Definitely, it's a franchise movie." (Or as co-star Terry Crews puts it: "That's what I'm saying! THE RENEGOTIATABLES -- let's make that happen.")

Of course, the premise lends itself to a revolving team of other action actors, should the body count by film's end include most of the main cast -- perhaps Kurt Russell and Jean-Claude Van Damme could be coaxed to a sequel if the $80 million flick is a smash (both actors rejected offers to be in the movie).

But the writer-director-star himself might not be so quick to get back into more merc work, choreographing additional grand-scale fisticuffs and detonations. "It is very, very, very hard," Sly says. "This is the hardest film -- and I know everybody says that -- (but) this is unbelievably difficult. It's just tough. There's just so much action."

The article also discusses characters' weapons of choice and personality traits, and talks about the opening sequence of the movie. Read the whole thing RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if they'll have an early trailer at Comic Con?
Source: NOLA.com



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