More for Earle Haley

Alan Arkin is great, but if I decided the Oscars, I would've gone for Jackie Earle Haley for best supporting actor. If I ever see Haley in real life walking his dog or something, I'm pretty sure I'd cross the street to get away from him, his performance was so creepy.

With that said, now it seems that Haley is following up his stellar work with another hard hitting role in...... SEMI-PRO, a Will Ferrell sports comedy about a coach who tries to rally his American Basketball Association team to make their NBA dreams come true. Alright, well not exactly 'hard hitting'. Unless it's 'hard hitting' Will Ferrell in the face for some comedic reason.

Following this, he'll be joining the stellar cast of Kate Beckinsale, Forest Whitaker, Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce in WINGED CREATURES for director Rowan Woods (LITTLE FISH). The movie centers around a group of strangers who forge a strange friendship out of their survival of a random shooting.
Extra Tidbit: About two seconds after I wrote this piece, Comics2film reported a rumour that Jackie Earle Haley might be up for the role of Rorshach in WATCHMEN!!!



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