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A ravaged face, an evil John Malkovich and the wiles and curves of Megan Fox aren't the only things Josh Brolin will be contending with in JONAH HEX.

"ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" smarm king Will Arnett and intense Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, BUG) have joined the adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic series about a hideosly scarred bounty hunter and his encounters with various weirdness in the Old West.

The movie finds the titular gunslinger dealing with Malkovich's voodoo practitioner and his plan to raise the dead to liberate the South. Arnett (in a rare serious role) will play a Union soldier fighting alongside Hex, while Shannon plays Doc Cross Williams, "the bizarre ringleader of a brutal gladiator circus event."

The movie starts shooting soon director Jimmy Hayward, an animation guy who came from Pixar and made HORTON HEARS A WHO.

Extra Tidbit: In the immortal words of Gob Bluth, "Don't call my escorts 'whores'".
Source: THR



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