More Ghostbusters?!?

Was Dan Aykroyd right all along?

For years, the alter-ego of spook-shooter Ray Stantz cheerfully discussed the possibility of another GHOSTBUSTERS movie, but it never came together (with rumors of disdain among the principals and economic infeasibility as the primary reasons). There was talk of replacing the cast with new actors as a different team of specter hunters, a computer-animated movie, and a sequel done as a next-gen videogame (which now seems to be in limbo at the moment).

But there's life in the corpse after all. According to Variety, Columbia has conscripted "THE OFFICE" (US) co-exec producers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to write a script for a new GHOSTBUSTERS -- with the intention of bringing back all the original players!

The duo penned the historical comedy YEAR ONE, which Harold Ramis directed (as well as several episodes of "THE OFFICE"). Speculation is that the healing started there, although the notable absence of recent hits on the stars' collective filmographies might have been a contributing factor. We'll see if it's enough to get everyone strapped into portable proton packs for more stream-crossing.

Extra Tidbit: No, the chick has nothing to do with the new GHOSTBUSTERS project. But the image came up on Google search, and I like cleavage.
Source: Variety



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