More Green Lantern pictures roll out from Entertainment Weekly

UPDATE: Two more pics featuring Hector Hammond showed up. I take back some of my sarcasm after seeing the pic with Abin Sur. That looks pretty cool.

Earlier today, Mike Sampson brought you the first good look of Ryan Reynolds in costume as Green Lantern.

A lot of emotions were thrown around and the overall opinion seems to be bordering on the line of good taste. While I wasn't too excited about it myself, I got a little less excited when I saw the rest of the pics from Entertainment Weekly. Honestly, I just want to see a trailer before giving a true verdict.

I think the best thing about these four pics is another glimpse at Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. Hammond just lays there while Senator Hammond (Tim Robbins) wonders why his son has become this thing. Then Dr. Waller (Angela Bassett) just stands there and gives the, "Don't think I'm touching him" face. Those set pics of Sarsgaard back in May were the real thing. Guys got a big ol' gross looking head.

There's also a shot of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris. She was never the person I envisioned as the character. Still a pretty lady though.

Do these pics seem corny to you? Or are you still hyped to see the film?

Extra Tidbit: Those of you heading to Comic-Con will have to let us know about the footage from GREEN LANTERN goes.
Source: /Film



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