More horror sequels

Did you love PULSE so much that you can't wait for a sequel? Did FEAST leave you with a lot of burning questions? Then you're in luck friend! The Weinstein Co. has announced that they've greenlit 18 (?!) direct-to-DVD films for release in 2009. The vast majority are horror sequels like PULSE 2, CHILDREN OF THE CORN 8, FEAST 2 and MIDNIGHT MAN 2 and 3 (what the hell is MIDNIGHT MAN 1?!). Other non-horror films that are part of the deal include HELL RIDE 2 and a comedy from the writers of MONSTER-IN-LAW. Hilariously enough, the deal also includes sequels to films that haven't even begun filming yet like PIRANHA 3-D and HALLOWEEN 2. (Why not make another sequel to the original HALLOWEEN movies instead of one to a sequel to a Rob Zombie version?). If the projects are expected to be released in 2009, filming will likely begin at the end of this year on the majority of these projects.

Extra Tidbit: Do we really live in a world where there are eight CHILDREN OF THE CORN movies?
Source: Variety



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