More in 100 Feet

Arrow in the Head, our horror-focused Belial-like conjoined twin, is soaked in the Red -- by which I mean Eric Red, the writer-director of the upcoming thriller 100 FEET. Red has been keeping the ghoulish gang apprised of the ongoings with his latest project, including some more brand new casting.

Red has added 80s fave and back-rack hero Michael Pare (STREETS OF FIRE, EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS) to his flick, which features the divine Famke Janssen as a woman sentenced to house arrest - along with the angry spirit of the abusive husband she killed in self-defense. That's some serious domestic disturbance. Also new to the spook story are Ed Westwick (CHILDREN OF MEN) and Bobby Cannavale (THE STATION AGENT, SNAKES ON A PLANE). The movie is currently shooting in Hungary.

For those with short memories, Red made a major splash of his namesake in the 80s and 90s with genre fare like BODY PARTS, NEAR DARK and THE HITCHER (though I have a soft spot for the hitman road movie COHEN & TATE). Good to see him back with a vengeance and taking (and giving) names. Like, say, Famke.
Extra Tidbit: Besides the horror genre, Red took a ride through the western with the underappreciated Mickey Rourke-starring THE LAST OUTLAW.



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