More injuries for Broadway's Spider-Man as harness snaps sending an actor falling off stage

"While it may seem silly to shut down the production after all the money that has been spent so far, all it needs is one more high-profile snafu (i.e., another cast member getting injured) and I could see producers pulling the plug and cutting their losses."

That was from an article I wrote less than one week ago after producers confirmed that "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" would be delayed once again from its planned January 11th opening. Today comes that high-profile snafu as another actor from the production was rushed to the hospital after a flying harness snapped and sent the 31-year-old performer into a pit beneath the stage.

The accident occurred during the end of the musical as Mary Jane dangles from a bridge while Spider-Man swings in to save the day. As the actor reached the end of the bridge structure, his harness snapped and he fell off stage at least 8-10 feet (though some reports, including "The Today Show," which aired video of the accident this morning, have the fall at closer to 30 feet) while some equipment was propelled into the audience.

The show went dark and audience members recall hearing a woman sobbing and cries for "911!" A voice came over the theater PA system announcing that the show was over. As the theater was emptying, some audience members saw ambulances arrive and take the cast member away.

What does it mean for the almost comically doomed musical? Producers have yet to comment but it can't be good news...



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