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INSOMNIA is Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated follow-up to MEMENTO, starring Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank. It's about a veteran police officer (Pacino) who is sent to a small Alaska town to investigate the murder of a teenage girl, and is forced into a game of psychological cat-and-mouse by a primary suspect (Williams) after his partner is killed. Swank plays an idealistic detective. The film opens nationwide on May 24th, 2002.

If you're interested in reading an interesting Q&A interview with director Nolan, you will find some of the questions below, or click here for the entire interview:

Why choose Insomnia for your follow up to Memento? What about the original appealed to you?

I think it has a fascinating and very evocative psychological situation. A great moral dilemma that is taken one direction in the original movie, and I think it’s a great movie, but as I saw it, it occurred to me that you could by changing the characters take the same situation, the same intense psychological relationship between the two main characters and take it in a rather different direction and create a different kind of moral paradox.

Was there a lot of pressure to follow up Memento with an original? Were people surprised you were making a remake?

To be honest I started work on Insomnia some months before Memento was even released in theatres, so I wasn’t really having to view Insomnia necessarily as a follow-up in the sense that people would question it because no one really knew the extent Memento would get out there at the time. I thought I should be free to do whatever inspired me and took my fancy. I found the original movie very inspiring.

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