More join Pacino/De Niro

The only way I could make this story interesting is if I was announcing that the US government somehow found a way to resurrect either Marlon Brando, James Dean or Jesus and that they were set to play roles in the forthcoming Al Pacino/Robert De Niro flick, RIGHTEOUS KILL. Because let's face it, nobody is gonna hear about John Leguizamo playing a part and be like 'well when I heard about Pacino/De Niro getting together I wasn't all that interested, but damn it Chi-Chi Rodriguez is in this mother fucker?? Outta my way!' And yet, that's what has happened, Leguizamo (who, kidding aside is a fine actor) and Dan Futterman (A MIGHTY HEART) have signed on, while Brian Dennehy is allegedly in talks to play the two principals' boss. As you know, Donnie Wahlberg and Carla Gugino signed on for roles some time ago, as did Curtis Jackson. You see, I refuse to call him 50 Cent. When you're on stage razzing on hoes and shit, you can be Fitty, but when you're cast in a movie with Pacino and De Niro, you're Curtis Jackson. Either that or whatever name the dudes decide to call you. Jon Avnet (88 MINUTES) will direct this story of two detectives who can act their asses off and are investigating a series of vigilante type killings. Click HERE for a full rundown of roles being played by the various actors.
Extra Tidbit: Yep, Carla Gugino is involved in this flick, that's enough!
Source: Comingsoon.net



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