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Wow, this stuff is pouring in now. And in my opinion, it ain't all that hot. First off, we have an interesting story that there was actually a director attached and working on the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie for a full three weeks before the project was given to George Miller. It's been revealed that the director was in fact... David Slade. He's the guy who is tearing viewers a new one with 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, the vampire flick that quite frankly looks incredible. It also makes me wish that he'd stayed.

The second little nugget of information, is a casting rumor. IESB are reporting that I do know that Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. aka T.I. (American Gangster, A.T.L) has recently read for the role of Green Lantern/John Stewart. All I know is that he read for the part, I don't know how he did or if they are seriously considering him after the audition, but, he could be in the running. Now, I want to make it absolutely clear that I have nothing against T.I., because I think his music is incredible, and that one line of dialogue that he delivered in the AMERICAN GANGSTER trailer was dead on. But I would absolutely hate for him to be playing Green Lantern, who was one of the coolest comic book characters of all time. It just doesn't look or feel right to me. Still it's just rumor at this point, so let's not get too flustered about this.
Extra Tidbit: George Miller raised the money to make MAD MAX by working as an Emergency Room Doctor
Source: IESB.net



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