More Langdon tales

ANGELS AND DEMONS won't hit theaters until next month but Sony Pictures has already decided to move ahead on a third film that would star Tom Hanks as symbologist Robert Langdon. But there's only two books that feature Langdon as a character - DEMONS and THE DA VINCI CODE - and both have been made into movies. So what gives? Enter author Dan Brown who announced today that he's finished his next novel, "The Lost Symbol," that Doubleday will release this September.

No plot details were announced but the novel was in production under the title "The Solomon Key" and will reportedly focus on the mysterious Freemasons. Doubleday did confirm that the story "takes place in a twelve-hour period" and that the first run would be over 5 million, the largest in their history.

Neither Tom Hanks nor director Ron Howard have officially signed on to return but at this point, that seems a formality when there's this much money involved. Can we at least get Hanks a haircut for these films?

Source: Variety



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