More Lantern guys

Word got out just yesterday that Justin Timberlake was in the running to star in GREEN LANTERN for Warner Bros. But today we find out that Timberlake isn't the only one in the running. WB will choose from three actors to play the part with Timberlake making up 1/3 of that equation. The others are Bradley Cooper (rumored to be taking the part for some time now) and Ryan Reynolds (who's also attached to DEADPOOL at Fox).

The problem seems to be that producer Donald De Line, director Martin Campbell and Warner Bros. each have their own separate favorites and making a decision among them has proved difficult. But expect the studio to move quickly because the option they held on each of the three actors expired Monday meaning they could quickly take another offer and leave WB in a lurch.

WOLVERINE ridiculousness aside, Reynolds would be perfect in DEADPOOL so let's put him to the side. Despite his "Sexy Back" alter ego, Timberlake has some pretty impressive acting chops but I don't know that I'm ready to see him strap on the Lantern just yet. Which brings us to Bradley Cooper. Who, in my mind, really is the best guy for the part. He's got the look, the skills, the charm and, thanks to the HANGOVER, mass appeal. I have spoken, therefore it shall be done.

Extra Tidbit: According to THR, Jared Leto was one of the early candidates. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Source: THR



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