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More Leslie Vernon?


A couple of years ago, a new slasher entered the pantheon of masked killers in the excellent BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON, a neat twist on an oversaturated genre.

Like the relentless iconic murderers that influenced him, Leslie may be coming back for a few more whacks. Icons of Fright caught up with David J. Stieve, writer-producer of the refreshing faux documentary, who says that consistent praise (and DVD sales) means renewed possibility for a sequel: "[There is] concrete interest in making a sequel to BEHIND THE MASK soon. It's legitimate enough to get [director] Scott [Glosserman] and I working on the story and plotting it out."

A while back, Stieve mentioned the potential direction a sequel could take -- how a carnage artist like Vernon might handle his sudden fame/infamy -- but admits they're just now getting into some specifics. Stieve also admits he's aware of the "sequel trap", although the sorts of problems that plagued other horror idols' follow-up flicks could provide some inspired material.

Read more about their sequel plans RIGHT HERE. And if you haven't seen the first movie, buy or rent it, pronto.

Extra Tidbit: Aside from tons of horror movie references, BEHIND THE MASK features genre faces Robert Englund and Zelda Rubenstein.
Source: Icons of Fright



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