More Leslie Vernon?

If you're even a casual horror fan and haven't checked out BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON, I advise you to do so with all alacrity, because it's a borderline brilliant twist on a seriously tired genre.

And like the unstoppable slashers that inspired him, Leslie may be returning for a sequel. Icons of Fright chatted with David J. Stieve, writer/producer of the refreshing flesh-hacking faux documentary, who has a few ideas on where to go next: "There's specific conventions involved with every killer that comes back. How the town reacts, who the people are that survive, and who fills what role coming around again, so there are all these very specific genre expectations for a sequel that are ripe for the picking but there's obviously the metaphor of how does Leslie as the 'artist' handle his fame, does he handle it well, does he burn out too quick, keep himself in check, does he do it right?"

Indeed, Vernon's tale was already well told and he could quickly fall victim to the same problems that plagued his idols, winding up in increasingly silly sequels. Regardless, it'll still probably be infinitely more compelling than another torture-horror flick or vampire movie.
Extra Tidbit: VERNON star Nathan Baesel played a one-armed deputy on the short-lived series INVASION, but he actually has two arms. Having the ability to make an arm disappear? Now THAT is acting.
Source: Icons of Fright



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