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Exclusive screenshots from the SPY KIDS 2 trailer have been posted at Film Force.  They'll provide your first look at the Spy Grandparents as well as the kids' new competition in the spy game.  Check 'em all out over here

Jeff Daniels will co-star alongside Clint Eastwood in BLOODWORK, which Eastwood is also directing and producing.   Daniels will play a Buddy Noone, "friend" of Eastwood's retired FBI agent who's pulled back into investigating one last crime. (Hollywood Reporter)

Michael Landes of UPN's "Special Unit" will star in FINAL DESTINATION 2, as a cop investigating more eerie occurrences.   Ali Larter will return for a small cameo to help segue the two films.  FINAL 2 will be directed by David Ellis, a stunt coordinator who worked on HARRY POTTER, THE PERFECT STORM and THE MATRIX RELOADED. (Variety)

Sony has confirmed the rumor that David Fincher's PANIC ROOM will be pushed back from March 8th to March 29th.  No reasons were given but this should give the studio more time to work on the marketing campaign, which has been surprisingly absent.

Vanity Fair has its STAR WARS issue out and featured are shots from Annie Liebowitz of the cast and crew of ATTACK OF THE CLONES.  To check out scans of all the pics featured in the magazine, head over here

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