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Will we be lucky enough to see Daphne's bare ass in this summer's SCOOBY-DOO?   It looks that way, although it won't be Sarah Michelle Gellar you're looking at. There is reportedly a scene in the film that requires a butt-shot but Gellar refused and a body-double was brought in.  Good enough for me!  (Dark Horizons)

Add two more to the cast of CATCH ME IF YOU CANMartin Sheen and Amy Adams (DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) join the already stellar line-up of Hanks, DiCaprio, Walken and Spielberg.  Adams will play the love interest of DiCaprio's character, Frank Abangale, Jr., and Sheen will play her disapproving father.   Production on the film began earlier this week in Los Angeles. (Hollywood Reporter)

If you're interested, tonight (Wednesday) on Entertainment Tonight there will be exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from AUSTIN POWERS 3.  Whether they'll reveal the new title of the film remains to be seen (don't count on it).

The guys at Film Force have been doing some pretty extensive coverage of the New York City Toy Fair (I was supposed to be there to bring you all the scoops but a last minute schedule conflict ruined that plan. DAMN!!) including looks at the SPIDER-MAN, MEN IN BLACK 2 and LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS toys.  Check out their coverage here

It looks like the long-delayed BACK TO THE FUTURE DVD is finally on its way.  Proof comes in an official website for the DVD release set-up at www.bttfmovie.com.  Here's some information from the site: "The groundbreaking Back to the Future Trilogy DVD starring Michael J. Fox and from the Academy Award ® - winning powerhouse team of Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis will feature an incredible array of all-new, never-before-seen bonus materials such as feature commentaries, outtakes and deleted scenes. Experience firsthand the exhilarating magic and unbelievable action scenes that set a new standard for adventure comedy films."  It's about damn time!!!

Quick clarification.  Yesterday in my Oscar roundup I said that John Williams had been nominated 27 times.  A few astute readers brought to my attention he has in fact been nominated 41 times.  My error came in the way I phrased that.  I meant to say that he had been nominated for at least one Academy Award in 27 different years.  Sorry for any confusion...

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