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New Line Cinemas will release the Al Pacino film SIMONE on August 16th, where it will compete with Eddie Murphy's PLUTO NASH, Gwyneth Paltrow's A VIEW FROM THE TOP and the Tom Green/Jason Lee comedy YOU PROMISED.

Ashley Judd will star in the top-secret thriller BLACKOUT for Paramount Pictures and Kopelson Entertainment (SEVEN).   Filming has a preliminary start date of July.  No details on the plot have been revealed as producers are looking to keep things hush-hush.  (Hollywood Reporter)

James Foley, who abruptly dropped out of directing Al Pacino and Colin Farrell in THE FARM, has found his new project - he'll direct Ed Burns in CONFIDENCE.  The film follows a con man forced into a big heist by the mob after he accidentally cons a made man.  Multiple table-turning ensues as the mob has control, then he has control, then the mob has control...(Hollywood Reporter)

Dark Horizons is reporting that a teaser trailer for DAREDEVIL will be attached to all prints of MINORITY REPORT.  REPORT is scheduled to hit theaters on June 21st.

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