More MPAA idiocy

Anyone who saw the scathing documentary THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED might think that the unflattering spotlight cast on the dubious practices of the MPAA, combined with their new president and the fact that we live in the 21st century, might make them approach things with different strategy.

But nope, it sounds like they're still up to their same asinine reactionary practices, "protecting" the masses from things like cartoonish decapitations on websites. Apparently the MPAA (a week after deciding the HALLOWEEN remake trailer was too harsh for human eyes to see online except during certain hours) has determined that the website for Magnolia's UK import SEVERANCE was too graphic, and demanded it be changed lest the film sacrifice its oh-so-important R-rating.

The dull non-spurting replacement site can be found RIGHT HERE, while the "offending" material is still viewable at the British site RIGHT HERE. Let's all thank MPAA's Orwellian ways for saving us from such reprehensible imagery. Sweet mother of Elvis, now they gotta f*ck with the internet?

By the way, SEVERANCE is a highly amusing British flick about workers for an arms corporation who go on a team-building retreat and find themselves stalked by some backwoods murderers. If the MPAA got their thongs in a knot over the SEVERANCE website, they'll be having aneurysms over the flick's rocket launcher gag...
Extra Tidbit: SEVERANCE director Christopher Smith's previous film was the subway horror thriller CREEP.
Source: Twitch



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