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Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg (Did I just seriously say that? 1992 Me just went into anaphylactic shock.) has elaborated a little bit on the plans for a DEPARTED 2 to Empire Magazine. According to Wahlberg, the rumors that his character Dignam would return is true. "They told me they wanted to try to do it," says Wahlberg. But what of the plot of the film? "They’re talking about bringing in [Robert] De Niro to play a senator or a congressman. You know, the corruption obviously going deeper and higher up the ranks — reaching up the political chain." An interesting premise but what does that have to do with an internal affairs cop? The film could, according to Wahlberg, start shooting "the beginning of next year or end of this year," but cautions that Scorsese has yet to sign off on the proposed idea. The director is likely waiting until another Oscar nominee, writer William Monahan, finishes writing the script. Of course all this could just be talk to pump up THE DEPARTED's Oscar chances and its upcoming debut on DVD next week.

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Source: Empire Online



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