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Jan. 18, 2007by:

UPDATE: A bunch of you sent questions in to original THE HITCHER screenwriter Eric Red last week, and ARROW IN THE HEAD posted the first part of his responses on his site a couple of days ago, today comes part 2.

Some of you may already know this, but writer/director Eric Red (THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK...) has a regular column on our horror sister site (or brother site), ARROW IN THE HEAD. You can read his column, RED RECOMMENDS... right HERE, if interested. Furthermore, the man who wrote the original THE HITCHER, and is also partly credited for the screenplay of the remake being released next Friday (the script didn't change all that much from the original, I guess), is answering your questions about either of the 2 HITCHERs, and maybe even his upcoming project, 100 FEET? Anyway, if interested, send him an EMAIL RIGHT HERE titled RED and the Arrow will be posting the questions and his responses on his site next week. Sound good?


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