More Scary Movie?

Just when you thought it was safe to watch another parody movie...

Okay, that hasn't actually been safe to do since, what, HOT SHOTS? But you couldn't tell that to all the people making the various (FILL IN THE BLANK) MOVIEs. You know, the "parodies" filled with chimp-level humor, dated references and obvious nods to other, better movies.

One of the biggest culprits (and the most profitable) has been the unkillable SCARY MOVIE series, and it sounds like that's still not over yet. It isn't much of a surprise that the wavering Weinstein Company would attempt to continue squeezing life and money from their few successful series (hence SCREAM 4), but Cinema Blend hears that the next SCARY MOVIE will be... a "reboot"?

You may rightfully wonder how they can reboot something that only ever consisted of dim-witted non sequiturs and lowest common denominator pop-culture gags.

Clearly the answer is to kick loose series star Anna Faris, all Wayans family members and anyone else associated with the previous movies that might raise the budget. And then probably give it a name like NEW SCARY MOVIE or, blatantly, SCARY MOVIE REBOOT. Heavy sigh.

Extra Tidbit: Satire isn't dead... but it sure is good at hiding.
Source: Cinema Blend



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