More toys on the big screen! Live-action Stretch Armstrong on the way

Looks like Universal took too long on STRETCH ARMSTRONG. Relativity Media has just announced that it will be the ones to partner with Hasbro Inc to produce a live-action film based on their famous rubbery-limbed toy.

It's funny until you realize that Hasbro's Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises have grossed $3 billion at the worldwide box office, with more on the way in the form of BATTLESHIP coming April, G.I. JOE RETALIATION in June from Paramount, and new shows based on Transformers and My Little Pony that are airing right now.

So yes, toys are big business, although a stretchy rubber doll is probably the most ridiculous of the bunch. 

Relativity’s CEO Ryan Kavanaugh (THE FIGHTER) will produce with Hasbro’s Brian Goldner (TRANSFORMERS) and Bennett Schneir, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Motion Pictures (BATTLESHIP), with Relativity’s Co-President Tucker Tooley (IMMORTALS) serving as executive producer. The film is being targeted for a release date of April 11th, 2014.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Hasbro, a company whose global reach and ability to innovate has made them immensely successful in the arena of brand re-imagination-- as evidenced by their legacy of creating such franchises as TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE,” said Tooley, “We look forward to bringing Stretch Armstrong to audiences worldwide.”

“Stretch Armstrong is a great example of Hasbro’s rich portfolio of intellectual properties that we are continuing to develop globally,” said Goldner, “We are excited to partner with Relativity on this movie as they are a growing and innovative studio.”

Seems a bit win-win for Hasbro, who's at least guaranteed to sell some more toys in a long-dormant toy. I wonder if the film will follow the plot of this old commercial?

Source: Hasbro



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