More Transformers stuff

I know that this is the second update about TRANSFORMERS in as many days, but I'm excited about the movie, and I have a pathological need to get you people excited too. The first piece of news is thanks to Ryan at CanMag, who tells me that a new trailer for TRANSFORMERS will hit the net on 17th May. I had no idea that there even was another trailer coming, but apparently that's the case, and what's more... SHREK THE THIRD will host a new TRANSFORMERS trailer as well that will be limited to theatres on May 18th!

Further to this, 'ElderPredator' has brought my attention to a series of dynamite high-resolution images of a number of the transformers in robot form. You can check them all out HERE at MichaelBay.com. So transform and roll out in that direction if you're interested. Personally, I'd have liked the designs to have remained faithful, but I appreciate changes have to be made when in the cartoon Megatron is defying all kinds of logic. Anyway, I hope these two items tide you over until the next pieces of news emerge... Possibly tomorrow!
Extra Tidbit: The writers of TRANSFORMERS didn't want Megatron to transform into the traditional pistol, as they said it would be like "having Darth Vader transform into his own lightsaber and someone else swinging him around,"



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