More Wonder wannabes

Long before Joss Whedon was even attached to write, direct and generally "re-invent" the character for a live-action feature based on DC Comics’ lasso-swirling Amazon WONDER WOMAN, countless actresses have been “in the running” to wear the bulletproof bracelets and golden bustier.

The latest actress to probably almost definitely not get the part is the admittedly sexy Jill Wagner, last seen on the short-lived (yet eventually entertaining) syndicated BLADE series. While being interviewed for FlickDirect, she tells it thusly: “I met with the guys over at Silver pictures about some things and Wonder Woman was one of them.”

Though she’s definitely built for action (see photo), I can’t picture Wagner in the part any more than the endlessly mentioned former Whedon faces like Charisma Carpenter, Eliza Dushku, Morena Baccarin and Summer Glau. I mean, Wonder Woman is supposed to be strikingly statuesque with an athlete’s physique, and I’ve had thoughts that were heavier than some of these gals. If only Jessica Biel was a foot taller. Nah, wait, she’s perfect.

Most of the names associated with the role have been little more than the wishful casting of admirers, or friends, talent representatives or the actress herself getting her name into “interest circulation”. Besides, to the best of my knowledge the film hasn’t even been given the go-ahead by the studio (Whedon still struggles with the script), so casting certainly has not officially started, which means that nobody is actually “in the running” for the role yet, including me. Which means I had my boobs done for nothing but my own amusement.
Extra Tidbit: Writers from superhero TV series SMALLVILLE and BIRDS OF PREY have previously taken cracks at screenplays for the WONDER WOMAN movie.
Source: Flick Direct



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