More Wright stuff

Although I'd much prefer to get a new movie from him, say, every six months, Edgar Wright's stuff is worth waiting for regardless of how long it takes.

He's been relatively idle since the brilliant HOT FUZZ, but only when it comes to actually shooting film -- in the meantime he's been building a nice collection of potential projects and tapping away at scripts. And now he's adding another pair of balls to juggle with Working Title and Universal.

Wright will reunite with his FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD cohort Simon Pegg to close out their "homage trilogy" with a comedy called (for the moment) THE WORLD'S END. No details were offered, but considering they've magnificently covered zombies and Bay-style action flicks, could this be their take on disaster movies?

But first he'll go solo on BABY DRIVER, described as a "wild spin on the action/crime genre that will be set in the U.S." He'll continue working with producer Nira Park, and no doubt Nick Frost will fit in somehow. Wright has also been working on a conspiracy tale called THEM, a live-action feature of Marvel's ANT-MAN comic character, and an adaptation of the genuinely fantastic SCOTT PILGRIM graphic novel series, which will feature SUPERBAD star Michael Cera as the slacker who must defeat his new girlfriend's seven exes.
Extra Tidbit: Check out this excellent Esquire article, which captures a conversation between Wright and screenwriter Shane Black discussing all things you should know and care about.
Source: Variety



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