Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd reteaming to save dolphins

No, this is not some joint charity project by the two actors for PETA, rather Judd and Freeman are lined up for roles in DOLPHIN TALE, a new family film from Warner Bros, a far cry from their last two adventures in KISS THE GIRLS and HIGH CRIMES.

It’s based on a true story of a dolphin who was rescued from a crab trap in Florida. She lost her tail, but was fitted with a prosthetic one and can now swim effectively again, and became a poster child (err dolphin) for disabled humans all around the world.

A boy befriends the dolphin and pushes for others to help it. In the film, Judd plays his mother, Freeman is the doctor who makes the prosthesis and Harry Connick Jr. is also on board as a vet.

I remember seeing this as a “touching news story” on CNN way back when, but how exactly do you fashion a movie out of this? The last “adorable creature gets a prosthetic fin” movie we had was HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and that was hardly the central issue of the film, plus there were lots of cool dragon fights. What’s going to be the real conflict here? Some politician who claims that the dolphin is probably an illegal Mexican and doesn’t deserve health care?

Extra Tidbit: Oh, and it’s in 3D, naturally. Will the moment 3D finally jumps the shark be in a dolphin movie?
Source: THR



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