Morricone back for Capone

Sure, if I had to say what I thought made THE UNTOUCHABLES as great as it was, I'd probably list David Mamet's script, Sean Connery/De Niro's performances and Brian DePalma's direction. Still there's no doubt that just because it doesn't immediately come to (my) mind, Ennio Morricone's classic score played a big part in creating the atmospheres. MTV caught up with DePalma recently and got confirmation out of him that Morricone's original score was going to be back for THE UNTOUCHABLES: CAPONE RISING, and also a couple of other minor morsels which you can check out over HERE. As we know, Gerry Butler is onboard to play the young Jimmy Malone, but the lookout is still on for who's going to play the younger Capone. DePalma couldn't confirm to the press his intentions, but he was clearly signalling for me to go down and claim the role, since he described what an actor would need to fill the shoes as "that street animal sexuality.” The film will focus on Malone's relationship with Capone during Capone's rise in Chicago.
Extra Tidbit: Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford both turned down the Elliot Ness role before Kevin Costner took it in THE UNTOUCHABLES.
Source: MTV



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