Mortensen is Poe?

This project seems to have been a million years in the making, but finally it looks like Stallone's Edgar Allan Poe project ('POE') might be making steps forward. It's being reported by Cinemablend today that the man Sly wants to play the tortured poet is none other than Viggo Mortensen. Apparently he's interested, but he wants a couple of script revisions. Hmm, can you see it? I guess I can, I haven't really loved anything he's done since he made a bazillion dollars slicing orks in half and bitching about not wanting the throne in the LORD OF THE RINGS movies. But I definitely think he's ready for a real serious role like this one. Robert Downey Jr.'s name was at one point attached, but that was a long, long time ago and he's probably contractually obliged to make ten more IRON MAN films at this point. Either way, take this story with a pinch of salt, since it is at this point unconfirmed rumor, and faux Stallone stories have been cropping up lately, particularly in reference to serious films.
Extra Tidbit: I'm a writer, but every time I hear the name Poe my first thought is of John Malkovich shouting at Nic Cage in CON AIR.
Source: Cinemablend



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