Movie adaptation of Eat, Sleep, Poop better keep that title

So in the past, I've joked about what the next source would be that Hollywood would start stealing movie ideas from. We’ve done toys and board games most recently, and I predicted commercials and cereal boxes were next. It appears I was wrong. It’s baby books!

That’s right, after hearing that WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING was being turned into a movie, now EAT, SLEEP, POOP, another child rearing classic, is being adapted for the big screen as well.

Dreamworks is behind the project, and has hired FOUR CHRISTMASES writers Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson to churn out a script, which is based on a book written by a pediatrician whose views on child care changed when he had one of his own.

I’ll be honest, for a second there I thought we were talking about EVERYBODY POOPS, the toilet training book whose film adaptation would have been a series of minute long shots of everything and everyone from elephants to the Queen of England taking a dump. I wouldn’t rule this out as a feature film just yet.

Extra Tidbit: It appears my idea has already come to fruition.
Source: THR



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