Movie Fan Central gets massive cool new updates!

Hey folks! In case you haven't checked out our movie community yet, now's your chance to get in on the action big-time! We've just launched our latest version of Movie Fan Central (MFC 2.2), which adds a bunch of cool new features to our little online movie community (56,000 members+). So not only can you make movie friends, write your own reviews, post blogs, images and videos to your profile, upload your DVD/Blu-Ray collection and include your top 10 lists (all free, of course), here are some of the latest additions...

1) WALL COMMENTS: Not only can you comment on other people's updates, but you can now post directly on their "wall", just like Facebook.

2) EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: You now have the capacity to receive email notifications for any updates regarding your profile. If you want to know when you've received a "friend request", you can make that happen. If you want to know when someone has commented on your wall or replied to your comment or anything else...you can now make that happen via your "Account Settings" section.

3) TOP 100 BADGES: "Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges!" Sure you do! In order to keep track of our most active schmoes, we've created top 100 lists for each section of the MFC, including the top 100 commenters, top 100 DVD collections, top 100 reviews, etc... If you make the top 100 in any category, you will receive a badge at the top of your profile and a handjob (sans handjob).

4) BECOME A FAN! This is one of my favorite new features! By the click of a button, you can now "become a fan" of any of the 250 HOTTIES listed in our MovieHotties.com galleries, as well as any of the 7,000 MOVIES listed in our JoBlo.com movie database. All you have to do is click on the "become a fan" button on those pages and voila...you're a fan! We'll be adding more such functionalities across the entire JoBlo Movie Network over time...

5) MORE MOVIE THEMES (SKINS): We love 'em, you love 'em so get ready for at least 10 new movie themes to "skin" your profile. We currently have 13 themes already in place including PULP FICTION, THE DARK KNIGHT, FIGHT CLUB and others, but get ready for your LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR WARS, KILL BILL and many others to come. We'll be adding 2/week for the next few weeks. For the launch, we've added THE BIG LEBOWSKI and ALIENS!

6) WHO ELSE IS LIKE ME? You now have the ability to see how among the rest of our 56,000 members owns the same DVDs/Blu-Rays as you (click on the title of the DVD in your collection), and who else has the same "favorites" as you do on your top 10/community lists (click on the hyperlinked movie titles on your lists).

7) EMAIL/PM FOLDERS: Our MFC email/private messaging system has also been updated, so that you can now save/forward emails, as well as create folders in which to save them.

8) CHAT/GAMES: That's right, as if discussing all things related to movies in our forums wasn't enough, or all of the "Strike Back" sections across all of the sites in our network, we now have a full-blown CHAT section which will allow you to get into major chat sessions with a bunch of other schmoes or go private 1:1 with a particular schmoe that you want. It's free, it's cool and it's stoner-friendly! PS: The chat program also includes over 100 flash games you can play while on the MFC...

9) FRIENDS UPDATES CUSTOMIZATION: Right now, as soon as you're a friend with someone else, you will see all of their updates on your HOME page, but with MFC 2.2., you now have the ability to restrict what updates you want to see from your friends (if any).

10) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! If you check into your account on the date of your birth, you will receive one of 8 randomly selected "Birthday messages" on your profile page (males/females receive different salutes). Below is one of the randomly chosen male birthday wishes.

Other smaller additions include the ability...

- to listen to our latest podcasts while surfing the MFC
- to choose which poster you want to use for your movie reviews
- to see the average score from all schmoes on reviews
- to add RSS feeds from other sites to your profile
- to keep track of the # of comments you have throughout the JoBlo Movie Network including Strike Backs, forums and the MFC
- next/previous links below all images
- rolling figures on all portal page items
- to "remember" your LOG-IN
- to update your password

Phew, I think that's about it, folks.

If you haven't checked the MFC out yet, this might be the perfect time to do so, and if you dig on it, please share with your friends and spread the word. Thanks to Face3media and Nima for all their great work on the site and if you don't know what it's about yet, check out the video below...



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