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Our new JoBlo.com movie community entitled MOVIE FAN CENTRAL is taking off, boys and girls! We've had over 500 new subscribers in the past 2 weeks alone and that's without the promise of free beer and sex! If you haven't registered yet, take a minute to do so, but if you really wanna know what the community is basically all about, watch this instructional video and keep your hands and legs inside the moving cart at all times...

We recently updated our movie discussion forums as well, which you can access with your same FREE MOVIE FAN CENTRAL account, as well as all STRIKE BACK sections across all the sites in our JoBlo Movie Network including JoBlo, Arrow in the Head, MovieHotties and the DVD Clinic.

Our news sections will also be getting a nice "upgrade" in the coming weeks, all of which will hopefully help the site grow even bigger in the coming decade (or at least, until the end of the world in the year 2012...hehehe). So whatcha waitin' for? Click on any of our smug faces below and be-friend us so that we can trip the light fantastic, kids...

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