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I've known the owner of MovieMistakes.com ever since we both started our sites back in the late '90s. Ain't too many sites still kickin' it from way back then, but he still is, and his database of "movie mistakes" has grown to over 78,000 instances! Yeah, I know, you don't watch movies to nitpick the "mistakes", but as a movie fanboy, I enjoy looking for some of these errors when re-watching my favorite movies for the umpteenth time, including this glorified extra Stormtrooper smacking his head against the door frame in the original STAR WARS movie. Fun times.

Below are some of the mistakes gathered by MovieMistakes.com from some of this summer's top box-office hits, along with links to see many more of them (THE DARK KNIGHT has about 31 "mistakes", fanboys...believe it...hehehe). If you scroll all the way down, you can also see a couple of additional screenshot mistakes, or go directly to the SCREENSHOTS OF THE 20 BIGGEST MOVIE MISTAKES EVER! 

The Dark Knight

Joker and Two-face are in the hospital; Harvey is about to flip the coin to decide if the Joker lives or dies. The camera angle switches back and forth between the Joker and Harvey. From one angle Harvey is wearing the monitor clamp on his middle finger with the grey wire, from the other angle it is gone. It disappears and re-appears every time the camera angle changes.

When Batman's cycle flips the truck that the Joker is driving during the scene in which The Joker is attempting to kidnap Harvey Dent, the viewer can see the guyser of compressed air shooting from the underside of the 18-wheeler's trailer to flip it.

In the car chase, as they exit onto lower 5th, the convoy has, in order, a police cruiser, 2 swat vans, then 2 cruisers. When the garbage truck pulls up next to the convoy, he takes out the second to last cruiser first (there is a car visible behind). It then spins out another cruiser in front of it before reaching the van with Dent in it, but there should have been no other cruiser between that one and the van.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom...

After Indiana and team fall off the disappearing stairs as they make their way into the lost city, they are walking around in the water. But when they step through the next door into the treasure room, all are completely dry.

When Indiana and Mutt are in the diner, at the start of the scene there is a pretty blonde girl sitting at the counter just past corner. A moment later, her seat and the one next to it are occupied by the two Russian guys in suits, and she is talking to a guy with glasses who was earlier by himself.

At the beginning of the movie where Indy is talking to Spalko, his hands keep alternating between being in his pockets and just resting at his sides between shots.

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Iron Man

When Iron Man and Iron Monger are fighting, Iron Man catches the SUV, and you can see the family inside the car. Although the car is completely vertical, the hair of the people in the car seem to defy gravity.

When showing Rhodes the big reactor, Tony takes off his sling. In the next shot he has it back on. It goes on and off a total of four times.

When we first see Tony Stark arrive at the benefit, his car doesn't have a front plate. When we actually see him pull up to the entrance though, his personalised "Stark" plate has appeared.

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When Hancock returns Embrey and his car back to his house just after saving him and then picks up and moves the car onto the drive, you can see the blue crane used in the reflection of the car windscreen.

During the battle between John and Mary, a huge storm brews up above and around them. Shots of Ray having a meeting show this storm outside the window. But just before the office is torn open, a close-up of Ray in the office shows a normal, late-day sunny sky, then the wall is ripped open and the gray/blue storm is there again.

In the end, when Aaron and his parents are walking at the fun fair, they are holding an ice cream. The brown Italian ice cream of the boy changes from right hand to left hand between shots.

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When EVE is reactivated on the Axiom bridge, she 'sits up' on her transport bed. The camera shot changes and she's 'standing' well in front of the bed rather than on it or even right next to it.

After Eve pops the bubble-wrap, she drops it to the floor, yet when the camera pulls back for Wall-E to dance, the wrap is gone.

When Wall-E first sorts his goodies, he puts the Rubik's Cube on the left-hand shelves, same as the lighters and spork. Later when he shows Eve the Cube, he pulls it off the right-hand shelves from behind the camera.

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