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MOVIE POLL: Whadja think of this year's Oscars?


Whadja think of this year's Oscars?

Better than usual.
22.37% = 262 votes
I liked the winners, but the show was lame and too long.
20.50% = 240 votes
Same shit as usual.
20.32% = 238 votes
No love for the Fountain, Children of Men or Borat. F*ck that show!
16.40% = 192 votes
Oscars, schmoscars, did you see Jessica Biel that night? Holy ass-shot, Batman!!
9.56% = 112 votes
I'm about as indifferent about this as anything else in life.
7.86% = 92 votes
I hated the winners and the show. All around thumbs down.
2.99% = 35 votes
TOTAL VOTES = 1171 votes

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