Movie Super Bowl spots

With any luck we'll be watching the New York Giants in the Super Bowl this year but who else will we be seeing on Super Bowl Sunday? How about Optimus Prime? GI Joe? Wolverine? Those are just some of the movies that are looking to run commercials during the year's biggest sporting events. TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, STAR TREK, GI JOE, ANGELS AND DEMONS, MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, LAND OF THE LOST, FAST AND FURIOUS and UP are all confirmed to be running commercials. WOLVERINE is likely but Fox hasn't actually purchased their time yet so it can't be confirmed. Another Disney movie will be shown off (they bought two slots) and though it hasn't been confirmed, you can expect a RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN ad as well. Sadly because of the impending lawsuit, you won't see any new WATCHMEN footage and Warner Bros. has decided to sit 2009 out entirely so no TERMINATOR SALVATION either. What is good about this year is that the TRANSFORMERS and GI JOE footage will be the first time anyone has seen footage from either of those films. Now that we've got these things confirmed, let's work on confirming that football team from New York...

Extra Tidbit: I still remember the Super Bowl ad for GLADIATOR and how pumped it got me to see the film.
Source: Variety



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