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Mr. Boogie returns! Sinister 2 officially hitting theaters August 2015


"Don't worry, daddy. I'll make you famous again." The horror franchise loving company known as Blumhouse productions has finally set a release date for the 2012 hit SINISTER. The company continues to grow its number of franchises with sequels like THE PURGE: ANARCHY playing now, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 later this year (Ed. Note: PA5 is set for 2016), JESSABELLE in November, and next year’s INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3. Now SINISTER 2 can be added to the list as the sequel will hit theaters on August 21, 2015.

Directing the film will be Ciaran Foy, who is taking over for Scott Derrickson who will likely be busy directing DOCTOR STRANGE. However, Derrickson will still be working on the script with his co-writer from the first film C. Robert Cargill. All we know for sure at this point is that James Ransone who played the deputy who attempted to assist Ethan Hawke in the original will be returning. I enjoyed the first film; it was scary and full of tension right until the end where it only went off the rails to give us a sequel window.

It’s been an interesting year for horror movies; nothing really stands out as memorable. I suppose I’m looking forward to ANNABELLE, but that’s really just filler before THE CONJURING sequel hits. Have you guys seen any great horror movies this year you can recommend?

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