Mr. Skin's Top 2009

Forget about the National Board of Review or the American Film Institute. The year-end Top 10 list you're really waiting for is here: Mr. Skin's Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2009. As is sometimes the case, I don't really agree with Mr. Skin's choices or at least their placement on the list. How does Jessica Biel get naked in a movie and NOT make the #1 spot? I'm also a little disappointed to see so many TV shows taking over spots on the list. How are we letting TV beat us our own game people? (I think I smell a C'mon Hollywood column here...)

While the list itself is obviously tracking down the best nude scenes of the year, it's somewhat SFW as all the naughty bits are covered up. That said, it IS Mr. Skin and if you're at work, your boss probably doesn't want you looking at Mr. Skin. And yes, I realize that this is my 2nd boob-related post of the day. I get paid to do this, by the way...

Extra Tidbit: How does an epic 3D nude scene not get more love?
Source: Mr. Skin



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