Mr. T not in A-Team

I might be coming around to the idea of the A-TEAM movie not being terrible, mostly due to Liam Neeson’s cigar chomping prowess, but this latest bit of news is a bit sad. According to Latino Review, Mr. T will not be making any sort of cameo appearance in the new film. Here’s what he said when El Guapo ran into him at the gym.

He said it wasn't about money, because he turned down the chance to appear in the film before that was even discussed. He said it just wouldn't be right for him to be in it. If his B.A. isn't the main guy, then why do it? What's wrong with the film that they need him to make a cameo? Plus they would market the film with him being in it, and he didn't want his friends and family to think he would have some big role when he wouldn't. He told me he has nothing against the cast or even the fact that they're doing a remake. But a cameo is just something he wasn't interested in. He said he's very happy with his life right now and enjoys giving back to the community.

That all sounds very…logical. It’d be like when they started selling TERMINATOR SALVATION by putting the CGI Arnold cameo in the trailer. I don’t blame T for not wanting to do it, because yes, they would just use his appearance as an audience-drawing gimmick. It is too bad we won’t get to see him onscreen though, there will be many fools left unpitied. 

Extra Tidbit: Reader Contest: Find the most WTF picture of Mr. T you can on the internet. As you can see, I've gone first. Yes, that's Nancy Reagan.
Source: Latino Review



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