Mrs. Apatow marries Efron?

Everybody wants a piece of the Apatow crew these days, and if that means casting his hot wife, well then that's what you gotta do. Zac Efron's attempt at becoming a leading man, 17, has just added Leslie Mann to its cast. Mann was the money blonde who busted Paul Rudd for being in a fantasy baseball league in KNOCKED UP, and she is indeed the indescribably lucky woman who has the utter and extreme privilege of seeing Judd Apatow naked on a nightly basis.

Mann will play the wife of the adult version of Efron's character, a grownup who somehow finds himself trapped in a 17-year old's body, trying to maneuver his way through the jocks, goths, sluts and yearbook geeks of your typical high school. Like I said before about this film, is Efron going to find a love interest in high school? I guess it wouldn't be too scandalous, since a 30-something falling for a 17-year-old seems pretty realistic. I'm 25 years old right now and I'm currently scoping out a 14-year-old, but it's a dog so I guess it's not the same thing. Awkward! Anyway, congrats to Efron for getting himself a nice big piece of the Apatow pie. You're officially a heavyweight, brotha.

Extra Tidbit: Mann beat out 500 other actresses in an open call for THE CABLE GUY.



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