MTV does Rocky Horror

That sounds you just heard was a collective choke as thousands of ROCKY HORROR fans wrapped their fishnets around their necks upon hearing the news that MTV was planning a modernized remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Perhaps a remake of the cult classic could work on some level (perhaps) but I'm pretty sure there's one place it won't work and that's as a TV movie for MTV. Kids who watch MTV today won't get it (these are the same people who keep Lauren Conrad in the collective conscious) and people who remember ROCKY HORROR fondly would surely rather put a high heel through their TV than watch ROCKY HORROR recast with some pop stars. MTV plans to use the original screenplay for their remake (they do get points for that) as well as include some songs that were cut from the original version. No director or cast is attached yet but producer Lou Adler says he'd like to have it premiere in time for Halloween 2009. I for one can't think of anything scarier.

Extra Tidbit: Who could possibly be better than Tim Curry? I don't even like the movie all that much and even I can realize that.
Source: Variety



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