MTV Movie Awards wrap-up

One of the few redeeming things MTV has left (aside from "Human Giant" and the return of "120 Minutes") is the MTV Movie Awards. The show has been pretty consistently funny through the years thanks to their luck in getting good hosts (Ben Stiller and Mike Myers among them) and even better acceptance speeches. Last night was no exception with host Sarah Silverman getting downright brutal (slamming Paris Hilton right to her face) and Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen going at it in their acceptance for Best Kiss. Besides Ferrell and Cohen, Johnny Depp and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN were big winners taking home Best Performance and Best Movie awards. For a full list of the winners click here and a bunch of video from the show is also online at MTV here. MovieHotties is also continuing their fine coverage with a number of galleries of the sweet babes on the red carpet.

Extra Tidbit: Megan Fox apparently has "King Lear" paraphrased in tattoo on her back shoulder.
Source: MTV



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