MTV Movie Wrap-Up

I am finally winding down from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards and most certainly looking forward to another year. The highlight for me personally… Liv Tyler. Yet I also enjoyed the show, even though I questioned many of the nominations and wins… seriously, NATIONAL TREASURE 2? Best Movie? Compared to what? Although the wife enjoyed it. It was also pretty exciting to be in the same room with people like Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp.

You can see some of the gold carpet interviews that we previously posted here. But that was not all. Rusty and I gathered a few celebrities of sorts to say hello including one of my personal favorite ladies, Christa Campbell and a bunch others [Ed. note: My personal favorite moment being the chorus of hotties all chanting out "JoBlo.com!!!"]. We even got to say hello to Verne Troyer, the cool little dude from THE LOVE GURU. You’ve seen Jonah Hill, Michael Bay, Anna Faris, Jon Voight and Rainn Wilson… now you can check out the rest of the good times we had.

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