MTV's Teen Wolf?!

We already knew that MTV was planning to remake TEEN WOLF but I was hoping it was something of a practical joke that would never actually happen. But lo, it's happening. The remake won't be something you see in theaters but instead will be a "The OC" like series for the network that is being described at the same time as a "dramatic thriller," a "buddy-comedy" and a "romance." No word yet on whether they plan to include any sci-fi elements just to close out the genre superfecta.

Starring in the project will be Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed and Dylan O'Brien and the story will follow a high-schooler who suddenly discovers he's a werewolf and...well, I think you get the gist of what the story would be. The only real difference here is that there are villainous werewolves in the town who would do battle with our heroic wolf. Right now the project is just set as a pilot and MTV hasn't given it a series commitment yet. Let's just hope they're busy planning a second season of "Jersey Shore" and let "Teen Wolf" slip through the cracks...

Source: MTV



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