MTV's Teen Wolf shows off its dark side in this trailer

The trailer for MTV's new series, TEEN WOLF has found its way online.

This version of TEEN WOLF is more of a "gritty and dark" re-imagining of the 1985 original starring Michael J. Fox. Instead of doing another movie, MTV decided to make it into a weekly, hour long series.

Honestly, I'm on the fence about this. I'd really like to move on from the werewolves and vampires. But it doesn't look like complete and total shit. It's a huge step up from the programming they feature now like Jersey Shore, Real World douchefest, or trashy teen pregnancy shows.

Here's the plot according to MTV: "The show will focus around the dorky teen wolf, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), as he maneuvers his way through high school after he gets a bunch of superpowers, including the ability to attract the ladies, after a wolf attack. The show will be both a drama and a buddy-comedy, with Scott's buddy being played by Dylan, who isn't initially buying into Scott's tale. Crystal is on board as the new girl who falls for Scott and the other Tyler (Tyler Hoechlin) will be the local bad werewolf." CRIMINAL MINDS creator Jeff Davis is the writer and Russell Mulcahy (RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION) is the helmer.

Back in August, MTV talked with the male stars from the series. Tyler Posey who plays the "teen wolf" said this on being cast, "When I first heard about the show, that they were doing 'Teen Wolf,' I was pretty stoked about it because I loved the movie. My agents got me the audition for it, and I read the script, and it blew me away. It was completely unlike anything I have read. The script was awesome and it was one of the things I wanted the most out of anything and I just worked hard and got it." His co-star and on-screen best friend played by Dylan O'Brien wasn't as "stoked" at first, "I didn’t even know what 'Teen Wolf' was...I hadn’t seen the movie. I almost didn’t even go to the audition. Look at that."

Extra Tidbit: Were any of you into this?



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